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Our poker vibrators and frequency converters work the best way in Europe, Asia, Africa as well as in America.
Here are some of the most prominent buildings, with which the builders decided for us

A large number of PEA vibrators were used for the construction of North Sea concrete oil platforms (1992/1994) such as:
The Heidrun platform (floater) built at Hinna, Stavanger and the Heidrun fundaments as well as the Troll Platform built at Hanøytangen, Bergen. For the Heidrun floater platform (LWA) our special development of a lightweight-concrete vibrator was chosen after extensive testing among all the competitors on the market

many large constructions e.g. Le Louvre and La Défense, routes for the high speed railway TGV, Euro Tunnel between France and England. 
almost all dams, bridges and tunnels in Austria, e.g. Arlberg tunnel, Inntal dam  
Almost all dams and tunnels of Switzerland.  
Tokyo city hall, Narita airport, bridges, land reclamation, many hotel systems.
Three Ravines Dam (Jangtse dam), many hotel systems  
South Africa:
for the building of concrete runways e.g. runways of airports our special vibrators for road finishers are used, further many dams and hotel systems were built with our products. 
Hotel systems